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Welcome to the NFL Concussion Settlement Program Website

A Settlement of a class action lawsuit was reached with the NFL and NFL Properties and retired NFL players, their representatives and family members. The retired NFL players sued, accusing the NFL of not warning players and hiding the damages of brain injury. On April 22, 2015, the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania entered a Final Order and Judgment approving this Settlement. Certain Settlement Class Members who objected to the Settlement appealed that ruling to the United States Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit. On April 18, 2016, the Third Circuit affirmed the District Court’s order in full. On April 28, 2016, certain objecting Settlement Class Members filed a Petition for Rehearing En Banc asking the Third Circuit to reconsider the appeal. On June 1, 2016, the Third Circuit denied the Petition for Rehearing En Banc. On August 30, 2016, some of these objectors filed a petition for certiorari (a request that an appeal be allowed) to the United States Supreme Court. The Settlement will not become effective until after all possible appeals are resolved in favor of the Settlement or the time to appeal has run out. The date on which the Settlement goes into effect, should that occur, is called the “Effective Date.” You may check this website at any time for updates on the status of the pending appeals and the Effective Date.

For more information about the reasons for the Settlement, eligibility for Class Membership, and potential benefits of the Settlement, click here.

You will be able to register for the Settlement program after the Effective Date of the Settlement. If you would like to make sure that you receive information in the future such as when the registration period opens, click “Sign Up for Future Information” below and provide your contact information. Signing up for more information will not register you in the Settlement, but will ensure that you are notified if and when registration begins. There is no further action that a Settlement Class Member can take or needs to take at this time to submit a claim in the settlement. No claims can be submitted now and none have been submitted. No awards have been issued. If you are contacted by any person who is not a known and trusted source and who asserts that awards have been issued or who seeks information from you relating to a possible claim, you should not be influenced by the statements and should safeguard your personal information.

NOTICE MAILING LIST: Packets containing the Court-approved Notice regarding the Settlement have been mailed to known Class Members for whom home addresses could be reasonably obtained, on July 24, 2014. If you have any questions about whether you or any of your clients were included on that mailing list and at what address, you may send an email to and provide your name and current address (or the names and addresses of your clients). The Claims Administrator will check the list and let you know if your or your clients were on the list and at what address. You can also use that email to provide any address updates.